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If you like the idea of doing your bit for the environment, whilst enjoying the benefits, then pick up the phone or fill out the form on the contact page.

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What is the Code for Sustainable Homes?
A detailed explanation of the code for sustainable homes is illustrated further down this page.
In basic terms it is the framework of regulation that will revolutionise the way houses and other buildings are built. Over the course of the next four years the code will dictate what will, and what will not be permitted in terms of construction process. The code is based on 6 levels, code 1 to code 6. Code 1 being high carbon emitting property through to code 6 being a ‘carbon neutral’ meaning no carbon emissions.
At time of writing we have just entered code 4 for private builds and code 5 for public money ventures, and I can tell you, codes 1,2 and 3 were pretty easy to adapt to in comparison with what lies ahead. The new regulations will bring radical reform to the whole face of construction and the way it is approached.
What do we intend to do about it?

Our Objective:
To move with the times and provide the complete Mechanical, Electrical and Renewable package for new build projects.

The changing nature of the construction industry proves a daunting experience for many who have become accustom to using the same construction and installation techniques and technologies for many years, with little form of change through regulation.

Any kind of change within industry is often met with fierce criticism, especially when you take into consideration:

There is unclear definition of what exactly a code level 4, 5 or 6 house is

Ultimately build cost will dramatically increase

The uncertainty of whether these cost hikes will be redeemable upon sale of the property

The speed at which these adaptations to regulation must be taken on board and implemented

The extra work in outsourcing new companies to be able to deliver these new services

Lack of clear guidance and uncertainty that is created when dealing with multiple trades



Let’s say you’re a builder or a developer or even simply want to build your own house but these changes and move to ‘zero carbon’ are posing you a real headache.
Instead of resent the change, why not embrace it and turn it to your advantage.

Here at Efficient Energy Solutions Yorkshire we can help you:

By defining what a clear definition of code level 4, 5, and 6 compliance for your property will be. We can offer different solutions through mixing and matching different technologies to meet regulation, providing different options and route paths for you to meet your compliance target.

Your build cost will almost certainly increase due to extra materials required. However, through our in depth knowledge and established contacts we are able to source the best quality, or best value components depending on specification

Now undoubtedly the build cost will increase so it is only fair that a potential tenant can expect to pay more for the property. This is especially so when considering all the extra whistles and bells they get in the package. After all these whistles and bells will equate to energy bills resembling a fraction of those to be experienced in an older property, effectively redeeming the initial extra upfront cost. An investment. Not to mention the USP of a brand new energy efficient property.

Through our turn key design consultancy and installation service we are able to take the stress of the build and the worry of the compliance with new regulation away from you the customer. This frees up your time and enables you concentrate on other tasks and future projects.

Different from most contracting companies when entering into a contract with Eesy ltd we offer three specialist trades. Electrical, Mechanical and Renewable. We offer these trades through three separate companies respectively. These three companies are all owned and ran by the same group of directors.

We operate throughout the same offices. This means that because these three trades are in fact the same body of people and in constant contact and discussion about your job the result is clockwork! All the benefits of multiple skilled tradesmen, while still dealing with just one main contractor Eesy ltd. The two subsequent sub contractors and sister companies are H & C Electrical and H & C Mechanical & Electrical.

The facts are simple. For a seamless project from design through to completion and certification incorporating:

Energy Efficient Technologies

Full Electrical contracting works

Full Mechanical contracting works

Get in touch via phone or email. Someone will be happy to assist at every stage

Code levels will be achieved by scoring points in different categories. Here are a few facts about the code and how the points system will operate, alternatively the official guides are available at the bottom of the page.


Category: Points Awarded On:
Energy and CO2 Emissions          Dwelling emission rate (M)
Fabric energy efficiency (M)
Energy display devices
Drying space

Energy labelled white goods

External lighting

Low and zero carbon technologies
Cycle storage
Home office
Water Indoor water use (M)
External water use
Materials Environmental impact of materials (M)
Responsible sourcing of materials – basic building elements
Responsible sourcing of materials – finishing elements
Surface Water Run-off Management of surface water run-off from developments (M)
Flood risk
Waste Storage of non-recyclable waste and recyclable household waste (M)
Construction site waste management
Pollution Global warming potential (GWP) of insulants
NOX emissions
Health and Well-being Daylighting
Sound insulation
Private space
Lifetime Homes (M)
Management Home user guide
Considerate Constructors Scheme
Construction site impacts
Ecology Ecological value of site
Ecological enhancement
Protection of ecological features
Change in ecological value of site
Building footprint

Category Influence
This table show how much each category will influence the points system and achieving code level. As you can see by far and away most important is ‘Energy and Emissions’

Categories of Environmental Impact Total Credits in each Category Weighting Factor (% points contribution) Approximate Weighted Value of each Credit
Category 1 Energy and CO2 Emissions 31 36.4% 1.17
Category 2 Water 6 9.0% 1.50
Category 3 Materials 24 7.2% 0.30
Category 4 Surface Water Run-off 4 2.2% 0.55
Category 5 Waste 8 6.4% 0.80
Category 6 Pollution 4 2.8% 0.70
Category 7 Health and Well-being 12 14.0%


Category 8 Management 9 10.0% 1.11
Category 9 Ecology 9 12.0% 1.33
Total - 100% -
Points per category distribution system

Code Categories Available Credits Category Weighting Factor
Energy and CO2 Emissions
Dwelling emission rate 10
Fabric energy efficiency 9
Energy display devices 2
Drying space 1
Energy labelled white goods 2
External lighting 2
Low and zero carbon technologies 2
Cycle storage 2
Home office 1
Category Total 31 36.40
Indoor water use 5
External water use 1
Category Total 6 9
Environmental impact of materials 15
Responsible sourcing of materials – basic building elements 6
Responsible sourcing of materials – finishing elements 3
Category Total 24 7.20
Surface Water Run-off
Management of surface water run-off from developments 2
Flood risk 2
Category Total 4 2.2
Storage of non-recyclable waste and recyclable 4
household waste  
Construction site waste management 3
Composting 1
Category Total 8 6.4
Global warming potential (GWP) of insulants 1
NOx emissions 3
Category Total 4


Health & Well-being 
Daylighting 3
Sound insulation 4
Private space 1  
Lifetime Homes 4
Category Total 12 14.00
Home user guide 3
Considerate Constructors Scheme 2
Construction site impacts 2
Security 2
Category Total 9 10.00
Ecological value of site 1
Ecological enhancement 1
Protection of ecological features 1
Change in ecological value of site 4
Building footprint 2
Category Total 9 12.00
Total 107 100.00

Points required to achieve code level

Total Percentage Points Score (equal to or greater than) Code Levels
36 Points Level 1 (H)
48 Points Level 2 (HH)
57 Points Level 3 (HHH)
68 Points Level 4 (HHHH)
84 Points Level 5 (HHHHH)
90 Points Level 6 (HHHHHH)
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