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Tel: 0114 287 0723

Since the introduction of the feed in tariff we have seen a great increase in the number of solar PV installations.

Why? Solar PV has become the renewable energy of choice for domestic, commercial and industrial applications and the trend is only set to continue. With healthy financial gains and savings to be had by all, it’s no wonder why we are seeing more and more of these solar panels springing up on the roof tops of Britain.


With the falling price of equipment pushing us ever closer to providing us with a now very real alternative to traditional high carbon fuel methods, maybe it’s time to look at solar for your home business or organisation.

Despite recent cuts the feed in tariffs are still providing us with a very healthy return on investment and they will continue to do so all the way to grid parity. Grid parity is when the price of solar electricity becomes as cheap as traditional coal fired electricity, it has been reported that this has been achieved in some countries already!

Efficient Energy Solutions Yorkshire have installed many systems across the region and all our customers are now enjoying the benefits.

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The Solar Arc Japan: A demonstration of the capabilities of solar
photovoltaics through building integration.

Mr England 3.96kW Tiled Roof Installation Sheffield

“Couldn’t be happier, I get paid for doing nothing! As with regards to the job, minimum disruption, no mess and I was surprised that the team were in and out within the day, I went to work, came back and it was done.”

Mr and Mrs Howard 3.99kW Stone Slate Roof Installation Derbyshire

“We had a number of consultations but decided to go with Efficient Energy Solutions Yorkshire as they sent an engineer to see us rather than a salesman. He was far more knowledgeable then any of the representatives from the other companies who seemed to simply want their commission. All our questions were answered very well and put any concerns we had at ease. The engineer explained the advantages of each panel appropriate for our roof and also the associated price tag. After demonstrating clearly through the software, we went for a Chinese panel (Upsolar) because it offered the greatest return. Thanks to the demonstration I was confident with my choice. The installation went without a hitch and took one and a half days. Very pleased.”

Mr Jackson 9.88kW Tiled Roof Installation Dronfield

“The solar installation at the medical centre now provides a vast chunk of the day to day power required to run the building. I am happy with the installation and even more so with the money we are saving. We have a display screen fitted in the waiting room and we are exactly on target to achieve the output target predicted by the engineers at Eesy. Money well spent with the right company from design through to completion.”

Mr Cooper 2.94kW Slate Roof Installation Barnsley

“I went with Eesy Ltd, because they were the ones that managed to get the most output in kW from my roof. The installation was clean and quick. V Good”

Mr and Mrs Hill 3.99kW Tiled Roof Sheffield

“I can wholeheartedly recommend the services of Efficient Energy Solutions Yorkshire; they arrived exactly when they said they would and did the job quickly and efficiently. Upon completion everything was explained to us and all the paperwork was done for us. All I had to do was sign the feed in tariff papers. Everything was made easy.”

Mr James 3.99kW Flat Roof Installation Sheffield

"The staff at Efficient Energy Solutions Yorkshire have done a good job from design through to completion. A neat and tidy installation, the panels are a compliment to the hospital roof."



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