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This government incentive is again the first of its kind, never before has a system been in place that has paid you for the heat you generate, which is exactly what it does. The scheme is split into two separate categories; domestic and non domestic.

For Non Domestic Installs

The non domestic RHI payment scheme is off and running and has been since November of 2011. Customers of installed renewable technologies that generate heat, like in the list below:

Solar Thermal

Ground Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump

Biomass Boiler

Will be paid a set amount per kwh of thermal energy they create very much like the feed in tariff does with electricity

The table below illustrates the financial incentives available from the RHI

Levels of support
Tariff name
Eligible technology
Eligible sizes
Tariff rate (pence/
Tariff duration (Years)
Support calculation
Small biomass
Solid biomass; Municipal Solid Waste (incl. CHP)
Less than 200 kWth
Tier 1: 7.6
Tier 1 applies annually up to the Tier Break, Tier 2 above the Tier Break. The Tier Break is: installed capacity x 1,314 peak load hours, i.e.:
kWth x 1,314
Tier 2: 1.9
Medium biomass
200 kWth and above; less than 1000 kWth
Tier 1: 4.7
Tier 2: 1.9
Large biomass
1000 kWth and above
Small ground source
Ground-source heat pumps; Water-source heat pumps; deep geothermal
Less than 100 kWth
Large ground source
100 kWth and above
Solar thermal
Solar thermal
Less than 200 kWth
Biomethane injection and biogas combustion, except from landfill gas
Biomethane all scales, biogas combustion less than 200 kWth



For Domestic Installs

The domestic scheme is not yet up and running in the like the non domestic scheme is, although it is intended to mirror it, only with more favorable rates. The launch of the scheme has been delayed due to various complexities, but we are now told to expect a launch date sometime in the summer of 2013.

The scheme is designed to allow for a more whole-house approach to heat production and energy saving. The Department for Energy and Climate Change will consult on the RHI tariffs later in the year. But it shall be very similar to the Feed In Tariff in the sense that each customer with either:

Solar Thermal

Ground Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump

Biomass Boiler

Will receive payments for every kwh of thermal energy produced

Those who have taken up the RHI Premium Payment will be eligible for RHI tariffs, as will anyone else who has had eligible equipment installed since July 2009 (exceptions apply if a grant has been received which contributed to the direct costs of an installation).

A further adaptation of the RHI is the Renewable heat premium payments scheme

Renewable Heat Premium Payments:

What is it all about?

The Renewable Heat Premium Payment voucher scheme is a government scheme that gives money to householders to help them buy renewable heating technologies – solar thermal panels, heat pumps and biomass boilers. This is a short-term scheme making one-off payments that will also allow us to learn more about what people think of these technologies and how they perform in a variety of conditions.
On 26 March, DECC announced a second phase to the Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme, which will provide further short term support for installations of renewable heat technologies in the household sector. The scheme, operated by the Energy Saving Trust opened to applications on 1st May 2012.

Phase 1

This phase of the scheme ran until 31st March 2012. Regardless of when customers applied for or received their voucher, and in order to be eligible to receive their grant, all completed claims should have arrived at the address printed on the voucher (Energy Saving Trust, Edinburgh) before midnight on 31st March 2012 in order to be eligible for payment.

Phase 2

Under the new voucher scheme, homes not heated by mains gas will be able to apply for grants for air-to-water-source and ground and water source heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar thermal. All householders can apply for grants for solar thermal. There are minimum energy efficiency criteria, and householders must agree to complete customer questionnaires, as well as making provision for the installation of a meter to monitor their energy use and performance of their heating system

How much are these grants worth?
All houses Houses not heated by gas from the grid
£300 – solar thermal – voucher valid for 3 months     £950 – biomass boiler – voucher valid for 6 months
£850 – air source heat pump – voucher valid for 5 months
£1250 – ground source or water source heat pump – voucher valid for 6 months  

Further information can be found within the documents below
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