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Tel: 0114 287 0723
Finally the age of the heat pump is upon us!
We fit heat pumps to:

Under Floor Systems
Oversized Radiator Systems
On Gas Grid
Off Gas Grid
New Build
Retro Fit
Bolier Replacement
"All our installations come with a warranty on parts and services and a maintenance package "
Ground source heat pumps have been around for many years and although they are not a new technology the efficiency of them has improved

Ground source heat pumps are a tried and tested technology. With thousands of systems already in operation they are a proven alternative to inefficient oil and gas boilers and present an extremely efficient way of heating your home or business.

The Most Efficient Gas Condensing Boiler vs Ground Source Heat Pump

Ground Source heat pumps to become more ‘common place’

“For the new build market; tightening regulation and plans for gas supplies to be no longer installed to new build residential properties make a ground source heat pump installation a desirable efficient solution for developers”

“ For the retro fit market; rapidly rising gas and oil prices coupled with the huge financial incentives on offer from the government, through schemes like the RHI and the green deal are really set to drive the uptake of heat pump technology into the mainstream of providing heating for buildings”

New Policy - The RHI is Looking Good!

Although the actual legislation for the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) has not yet being released, initial perceptions of what is included sound very positive.

News of the imminent release of the scheme has created a real sense of excitement within the industry and amongst consumers too.

It seems that the government are genuinely set to deliver on their commitment to technologies such as ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and solar thermal; and in particular within the domestic sector.

Just like with the feed in tariff it appears that huge benefits will be available for those who invest in the likes of solar thermal and heat pumps.

We have listed a few of the proposed details of the scheme:
"20 years' worth" of RHI to be paid out to system owner over 7 years

"Deemed" rather than metered heat (in most cases), meaning tariffs could be paid on estimated rather than actual usage, paid out quarterly by Ofgem

Could Essentially involve a boiler replacement scheme, renewables in exchange for "dirty" boiler

After lengthy speculation, air source heat pumps are IN! (that is air-to-water units)

Solar Thermal to receive best available tariff (proposed 17.3p/kwh)

Gas connected properties are IN

Extra incentive to fit solar thermal combined with heat pumps (super efficient!)

Tariffs Matrix - rates paid to vary depending on whether it is new build or existing, private or social housing, off-gas or gas grid etc.)

Max. system size of 45kW for all technologies (MCS upper limit)

RHPP & other funded existing installations ARE eligible (tariffs adjusted to account for funding already given)

Green Deal financed supplement to reduce up-front cost should be possible

Green Deal Advice Report a MUST; all "Green Ticks" highlighted (except solid wall insulation) must be done before RHI eligible

This is a useful video for explaining ground Source Heat pumps, however, it is an old video and efficiencies have improved substantially since it was made, so don’t be put off!

Install an EESY ground source heat pump and experience;

Slashed Heating Bills

More comfortable heating

No more fossil fuel bills (oil & gas)

Generous Government Support Scheme (Renewable Heat Premium Payment)

Excellent Return on Investments available

Future Generous Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI)

Low maintenance


No fuel storage

Reduced carbon footprint

Reduced VAT rate (5%)

Fully guaranteed

Sounds good! What’s the process?

Ground Source Heat Pump Installation

There are five stages which occur from the point of your initial enquiry to the final commissioning and your first practical usage of hot water and the heating of your building.

The five stages will allow us to specify the optimum ground Source Heat Pump for your building; listed below:

Stage 1
Call us to discuss your requirements

Stage 2
If your GSHP project is a new build we shall be able to size your system from some scaled drawings along with knowledge of construction material to be used. You can send your drawings via email. If the project is a retro fit then a site visit and survey of the building and the ground loop/bore hole location will be required.

Stage 3
We will contact you to discuss your Ground Source Heat Pump quotation and answer any questions.

Stage 4
Once a decision has been made, we will arrange a site meeting, if required, an order and deposit will be placed and we can install within 4 to 6 weeks subject to your requirements.

Stage 5
The installation is undertaken by our accredited engineers on site. When the installation is complete a full hand over pack will be issued and the engineer will go through the operating instructions and controls of the heat pump system.




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