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If you like the idea of doing your bit for the environment, whilst enjoying the benefits, then pick up the phone or fill out the form on the contact page.

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Many businesses realise the environmental and commercial benefits of developing programmes to reduce their carbon emissions:

Enhanced company image

Lower Bills

Protection against energy price hikes

New Customers

Supply chain link demand

Appeal to the ever increasing Carbon conscious consumer

Ultimately ‘increased revenue’
There are many advantages to your business in measuring and reducing your carbon footprint, including differentiating your service from competitors, reducing costs associated with energy and resource use, engaging your staff, and retaining and winning new customers by meeting growing demand for low carbon products and services.
Research from The Carbon Trust shows:

Customers are increasingly loyal to brands seen as actively taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Demand for low carbon products and services is increasing.

Environmental driving force

According to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which is comprised of the world’s leading scientific experts in the field of climate change, greenhouse emissions need to be cut by at least 80% by 2050 against a baseline of 1990 levels, in order to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

View of Net Return on Investment 

So as we can see from above the total net return on investment can be far more than simply savings on your gas or electric bills including:

Additional benefits to the company, the environment and the community.

Contribution to core business

How do we achieve these benefits to business?
Government schemes like the green deal will provide great opportunities for businesses to improve the buildings within which they operate without any upfront cost. More information about the green deal can be found on the green deal page.

Companies can improve overall energy performance by:

1. Educating staff

2. Changing routine habits

3. Reducing consumption

4. Installing energy saving technologies

5. Installing renewable or onsite energy generating technologies

We would recommend the above steps to greater effiiciency are carried out in that order eg. Why install solar PV panels if the staff are going to leave the lights on all the time?
Simple, but very true of the work place.

Without implementing points 1-3 points 5 and 6 can never be implemented to their full potential.

Some examples of energy saving technologies open to most businesses would be:

Insulation (if the heat’s there, keep it there) including:

cavity wall

loft insulation

pitched roof insulation

flat roof insulation

internal wall insulation

external wall insulation

hybrid wall insulation

draught proofing

floor insulation

heating system insulation (pipes and cylinders)

energy efficient glazing and doors

Energy efficient lighting upgrades
From the old days of incandescent to the compact fluorescent to the LED, the technology is now there and there is a low energy solution for just about every type of lighting application. You will be surprised at the short length of the pay back periods available with low energy lighting installations

Lighting control upgrades
Day light, occupancy timing switches and motion sensors

Heating controls
From thermostatic radiator valves to time clocks and zoning valves. It’s simple really if the space heating isn’t needed don’t put the heat in that space!

Some examples of renewable or onsite energy generating technologies would be:
solar PV panels
ground source heat pumps
air source heat pumps
solar thermal panels
gas-fired condensing boilers
under-floor heating

And don’t forget these technologies compliment each other. For example, a combination of a heat pump in parallel with solar thermal panels and or solar pv panels produce quite amazing results in terms of energy, money and carbon saved.

The time is now!

With the green deal approaching there has never been a better time for business’ to consider their options on improving their efficiency.

Eesy (Efficient Energy Solutions Yorkshire) ltd can assist your business with any of the above measures; please don’t hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help.

The forward thinking innovative companies and corporations will be the successful profiteers of tomorrow. Not only protecting against hefty energy price increases while enhancing their company image, but also safeguarding production lines, trading routes and business relations. By this I mean staying on good business terms with big front line corporate outfits such as Tesco for example.

Tesco and other big retailers on the front line of consumer spending are all competing for the ever increasing green customer and the polished company image of ‘zero carbon.’ This image is vital to these big corporations. Image converts into sales and only recently Tesco have unveiled plans to become a carbon neutral company.

This means doing away with any related supplier not making steps to becoming a zero carbon company themselves, in turn creating a knock on effect. More and more companies are following suit and many pilot schemes for companies such as eco stores are underway. Traditional carbon emitting companies are being pushed aside and new ways are paved for modern ecological companies.

The world as we know it is evolving and is changing with schemes like the emissions trading scheme, forcing carbon heavy companies to purchase ‘carbon credits’ from their greener, low carbon emitting, more energy efficient rivals. This is just one example of how the government are deploying their low carbon transition policies. After all if the UK government fails to reach targets of carbon reduction (the first one in 2020, set at 20% reduction of 1990 levels) heavy fines will be imposed as a result. Ultimately these costs will be bared by the businesses of Britain.

To further elaborate on those figures of 2020, Greg Barker (secretary of state for energy and climate change UK) has recently been pushing for a reduction target of 30% in order to further achieve reduction in carbon emissions while at the same time stimulating the economy and creating jobs in the renewables sector, aiding Britain in becoming a leading player in the industry.

The future is simple:

Rewards for those who conform and embrace green technology
Cash penalties for those who continue with outdated carbon heavy processes
Don’t get left behind, reduce carbon and reduce costs today.



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