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If you like the idea of doing your bit for the environment, whilst enjoying the benefits, then pick up the phone or fill out the form on the contact page.

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Tel: 0114 287 0723
Self Build with Renewable Energy - Renovate with Renewable Energy
I Want Renewable Energy but don’t know what I want???
We install:

Solar PV

Solar thermal

Solar thermodynamics

Ground source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps

Rain water harvesting systems

Underfloor heating

Heat recovery systems

but which is for me?

‘It’s horses for courses and there are more than two ways to skin a cat’

We are happy to talk to you about your project and offer our advice and recommendations on which products and combination of products would best suit your and your buildings’ needs.
We work with people planning self build projects from design through to install and completion on all aspects of electrical, plumbing and heating and renewable applications. We work closely with architects and you to develop your perfect home with ‘efficient energy solutions.’ 
The best place to start is always with the questions?

1. What’s the end product? What is your goal? What do you want to achieve?

This could be a number of things and will vary from person to person and building to building

2. What do we have to work with? - A renovation project or do we have a blank canvas (new build?)

In our experience new builds have always been easier to work with than renovation projects, but don’t let this be off putting, with a vast array of products on the market there is a solution for every eventuality.

3. Budget?

Renewable technology is better and cheaper to run therefore it is more expensive to install, you must be aware of this. (One thing we will say is that unlike a new kitchen it will not be easy to fit when your build or renovation is finished.)

Designing a renewable energy heating system involves a lot more skill and design than fitting a combi-boiler and some radiators.

It is a, finely tuned, finely balanced multiple integrated system made up of a number of different components. One thing is for sure though; a renewable heating system will prove far more rewarding both in terms of comfort, and financially.
Some benefits of a renewable energy home:

Carbon neutral

Self sufficient


Protection from rapidly rising energy costs

Free heat

Free electricity

No bills……or very small ones

A source of income from the RHI on heat pump installation (payments condensed into 7 years)

A source of income from the RHI on solar thermal installation (payments condensed into 7 years)

A source of income from the FIT on solar PV installation (payments over 20 years)

A comfortable home

State of the art technology and controls

If you have a renewable energy project you would like us to help with
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