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‘Efficient Energy Technology Installed free!’

I quote from the DECC...

“ There will be no upfront cost for work carried out under the Green Deal; payment will be recouped through savings made on energy bills over a recommended period of 25 years.”

Savings (that in essence would never be generated if it were not due to the upgrade to the property) will be used to pay back this long term loan to the energy provider whether it be British Gas or Npower, etc. This will open the door to so many people wanting to improve their properties but have never had access to the funding required.
The Green Deal is based solely upon retro fit schemes for homes and businesses. New build properties will not be part of the green deal, they come under the ‘code for sustainable homes’
We are proud to be able to offer a complete range of services, upgrades and renewable technologies, all of which are listed below and all of which are currently available under the green deal financing scheme:
  gas-fired condensing boilers

oil-fired condensing boilers

heating controls

under-floor heating

flue-gas recovery devices

gas-fired warm-air heating systems

(domestic and non-domestic)

electric storage heaters (domestic and non-domestic)

lighting fittings

lighting controls (non-domestic)

ground and air source heat pumps

solar thermal

solar PV systems
cavity wall insulation

loft insulation

pitched roof insulation

flat roof insulation

internal wall insulation

external wall insulation

hybrid wall insulation

draught proofing

floor insulation

heating system insulation (pipes and cylinders)

energy efficient glazing and doors
Technologies also available under the green deal financing scheme are:
  biomass boilers

micro-CHP equipment

micro- and small-scale wind turbine systems
We don’t currently provide these three services

List one illustrates the technology measures available under the green deal scheme. Efficient Energy Solutions Yorkshire are able to carry out these installations on your behalf

List two indicates the insulation measures available through the green deal financing. Most green deal advisors will recommend that insulation techniques are carried out before the installation of renewable technologies. After all what’s the point in creating energy if you’re just going to throw it away!

The message from the government is ‘insulate before generate’ which makes sense, why generate energy if you’re simply going to throw it away

Under the green deal, all these energy efficient technologies can be installed free of charge with no upfront cost. The cost of installation will be redeemed over time against the savings that the energy efficient technology will create on your energy bills

The green deal will be very flexible and open to many varieties of different loan types. Each case will be assessed on its own merit. However all applications will operate around the ‘golden rule’ which is that ‘the technology installed will not take longer to pay for its self then the life span of the said technology. See the video below for how the green deal will operate financially.

The flow chart below shows how the green deal is structured and gives an insight as to how the process will work
As you can see the chart above, the three different boxes you the customer will have contact with are:
  1. The green deal provider

2. The green deal advisor

3. The green deal installer
The green deal provider is central to the process and will ultimately be responsible for the installation at your property.

After your enquiry to the green deal provider, they will commission a green deal advisor to conduct a survey on your property putting forward suggestions of what type of installation your property will most benefit from. They will submit a report similar to the one below back to the green deal provider.
The green deal provider will then commission an installation company like us to carry out the work for you.

This is a win win win situation. You the customer benefit from a more comfortable, energy efficient, cheaper to run home. We the installation company benefit from the work it provides and all the time the government move closer to achieving reduction in emissions targets.

Although we are installers and not actual green deal providers, we have formed relationships with other companies including green deal providers and are able to offer help and advice or direction in appointing a green deal provider and having a survey undertook at your property.
The surveyor will want to know various details about your property and the habits of the people occupying it in order to build a full picture of your energy demand and which technology would best suit your needs.

The green deal is the first scheme of its kind worldwide and is expected to prove a huge success, but in order for it to be a success and benefit everyone it requires your enthusiasm and desire to improve your property or business and let us not forget, these improvements are going to cost you nothing!

We have listed some of the technologies available that we believe will be a huge success in the green deal:
In the home: In the work place:
Gas condensing Boiler change Lighting up grades
Solar Thermal Lighting controls (non-domestic)
Heat pumps Solar Thermal
loft insulation Heat pumps
cavity wall insulation Heating controls
  Solar PV
  All insulation types
How could you use your allocation of green deal finance?


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