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Sustainable Building with Eesy
Building Sustainably? What exactly does it mean; well it’s a good question with many different interpretations.

In simple terms it means building using newer techniques that will produce less carbon emissions and produce more energy efficient homes.

What it also means is more bureaucracy, legislation and cost

Here at Efficient Energy Solutions Yorkshire we can help you with the above.

We provide a complete, mechanical, electrical and renewable package to suit. There are not many companies around at the moment that can provide this service in terms of electrical contracting, mechanical contracting and renewable solutions through a variety of technologies.
We have over 7 years experience in contracting works, working on a variety of jobs domestic and commercial. We have grown our business during times that have been vastly dominated by recession, through word of mouth and recommendation, and have enjoyed repeat business from many customers. We are proud of where we sit today and even more so of the range of services we are able to offer. We believe that it is this knowledge that sets us apart from the rest.

We are mechanical and electrical contractors that have evolved also into renewable installers. Unlike many companies who have seen the ‘golden age of renewables’ and put all their eggs in one basket, we have not. We still have our roots as mechanical and electrical contractors and are still very much active in these areas. We have vast experience within our teams in running jobs, meeting deadlines, sticking to a programme and not only that, delivering on time and on budget, to a high standard.

We currently work with a number of housing developers and we intend to work with more. We believe the house building sector will play a fundamental part in our future trading and indeed target this sector within our own business for growth. We believe our ‘three trades in one approach’ will help achieve this. After all it must be simpler dealing with one body of skilled tradesmen than three separate companies.

Whatever the project, we are confident in being able to find a viable solution, ticking all the boxes from code for sustainable homes qualification to on time and on budget delivery.

We have the solutions available for your business to continue daily activity and continue to undertake housing or commercial developments profitability without the new legislation, bureaucracy and costs involved being hindrance to this.

We cover the whole of Yorkshire and Derbyshire and are happy to travel to any surrounding area.

Some examples of how we can help are below:

By defining what a clear definition of code level 4, 5, and 6 compliance for your property will be. We can offer different solutions through mixing and matching different technologies to meet regulation, providing different options and route paths for you to meet your compliance target.

Your build cost will almost certainly increase due to extra materials required. However, through our in depth knowledge and established contacts we are able to source the best quality, or best value components depending on specification

Now undoubtedly the build cost will increase so it is only fair that a potential tenant can expect to pay more for the property. This is especially so when considering all the extra whistles and bells they get in the package. After all these whistles and bells will equate to energy bills resembling a fraction of those to be experienced in an older property, effectively redeeming the initial extra upfront cost. An investment. Not to mention the USP of a brand new energy efficient property.

Through our turn key design consultancy and installation service we are able to take the stress of the build and the worry of the compliance with new regulation away from you the customer. This frees up your time and enables you concentrate on other tasks and future projects.

Different from most contracting companies when entering into a contract with Eesy ltd we offer three specialist trades. Electrical, Mechanical and Renewable. We offer these trades through three separate companies respectively. These three companies are all owned and ran by the same group of directors. We operate throughout the same offices. This means that because these three trades are in fact the same body of people and in constant contact and discussion about your job the result is clockwork! All the benefits of multiple skilled tradesmen, while still dealing with just one main contractor Eesy ltd. The two subsequent sub contractors and sister companies are H & C Electrical and H & C Mechanical & Electrical.

The facts are simple. For a seamless project from design through to completion and certification incorporating:

Energy Efficient Technologies

Full Electrical contracting works

Full Mechanical contracting works

Get in touch via phone or email. Someone will be happy to assist at every stage

We will be happy to tender for any job, we will also be happy to provide advice or assistance where possible.

We can be contacted via email or phone


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