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Heat Recovery & Ventilation
Homeowners or Self Build

See how Efficient Energy Solutions Yorkshire can help you with your Heat Recovery
& Ventilation Installation.

Heat recovery ventilation systems work by both supplying and extracting air throughout your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to give continuously good air quality.

Air is extracted continuously from the wet rooms in the house (I.e. the kitchen and bathrooms). This air passes into the ventilation device and over the heat exchanger unit, which can recover up to 93% of the heat in the air that would otherwise be lost.

At the same time, air is continuously drawn in from the atmosphere and ducted to habitable rooms (living rooms and bedrooms) to provide a balanced ventilation system.

These products can reduce the CO2 emissions of a dwelling by 'salvaging' and re-introducing heat into the property which would otherwise have been exhausted if you were using a conventional system without heat recovery. This energy saving contributes to a reduced DER (Dwelling Emission Rate) in SAP.
The benefits of Heat Recovery
Heat recovery uses just a few Watts of energy (<1W/l/s) to recovery many kiloWatts of otherwise lost heat from buildings through conventional ventilation. This means lower fuel bills and carbon emissions.

Ensures less damage to the building structure from condensation and mould which would otherwise build up on today's air-tight homes.

Delivery of fresh oxygenated air directly to living areas which increases cognitive performance and eases sleep.

As part of the 2010 Building Regulations Approved Document L consultation workshop, it was pointed out that modern buildings can lose up to 25% of heat due to uncontrolled ventilation and air leakage. Heat recovery appliances can recover more than 90% of this heat.

Will considerably contribute to code level compliance with apartment building developments



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