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Tel: 0114 287 0723
Greywater Recycling
Why use water once when you can use it twice?

Homeowners, Self Build or Renovation

See how Efficient Energy Solutions can help you with your Greywater
Recycling Installation?

33% of our average water usage comes from showers, basins and baths. This grey water can be recycled and reused for the flushing of toilets, which are calculated to use a further 30% of domestic water usage.

The benefits of Greywater Recycling
Greywater recycling uses less of the worlds most valuable resource

Greywater recycling reduces water bills without changing the user's behaviour.

Greywater recycling is easy to install and maintenance free.

Greywater recycling removes need for complex water treatment.

Greywater recycling reduces the amount of potable water supplied to a household

Greywater recycling makes it easier to comply with the Code for Sustainable Homes


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