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Voltage Optimisation basically equates to ‘financial optimisation’

By ‘optimising’ or ‘reducing’ the voltage entering our homes or place of work from the mains cable in the road we increase efficiency and life time of appliances within our homes and work places.

It’s simple really; using a lower voltage will use less power and cost less money. Since the national reduction of voltage some years ago we now operate for single phase; 230V and for 3 phase; 300V. This was reduced from 240V and 415V respectively. However in many locations, these changes have yet to be made, meaning that much of the UK will still be receiving voltages in and around 240V, and it must be noted, as an electrical company we often still see voltages as high as 250V. It is not unusual for premises located next to or close to the electrical substation to experience these high voltages.
The appliances within our homes are designed to run comfortably on 220v and indeed are at their most efficient at this voltage. These high voltages not only make our appliances run inefficiently and cost us more money, they can also damage certain electrical equipment and dramatically reduce the life span. What is more, some manufacturers will not honour their warranties above certain voltages, I bet you didn’t know that! Dyson for example 245V is their limit.

Voltage Optimisation is essential in commercial applications where expensive machinery is used, such as factories and for example dairy farmers who will purchase expensive machinery from Europe. This machinery will have been designed to run on a lower European voltage and will not at all like high voltages from our grid. The solution is voltage optimisation.

Voltage Optimisation is easy to install, simply insert between the meter and your fuse board

The Benefits of Voltage Optimisation
Reduces energy usage by up to 20%

Reduces carbon footprint by up to 20%

Contributes to government funded targets

Starts saving immediately

Simple to install approx 1hour

Self monitoring interactive displays availab

Substantially increases life expectancy of appliances

Protects sensitive electrical devices and appliances from damage

Improves power quality

Save between £60 and £150 per year

Return on investment typically 2 – 3 years!



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